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When children's eyes light up:

1,000 tennis rackets for 1,000 girls

Great young talent campaign continues

"1,000 tennis rackets for 1,000 girls" is the biggest initiative for young tennis players in Austria to date! The campaign, which was launched together with the ÖTV and the OÖTV at the Upper Austria Ladies Linz 2021, aims to encourage children to take part in sporting activities and therefore also fulfils a social benefit. The organisers are providing a total of 1,000 tennis rackets, which will be distributed to 1,000 girls in the Age between 6 and 10 years be "raffled off". 

The registered girls will receive their Dunlop tennis rackets at the 04 February 2024 on the final day of the tournament. This also includes a taster training session on the same day, contact with coaches and club officials as well as a bulging "goodie bag". The young tennis players take part in a special competition in three groups, with the top three in each group winning a prize from Linz Airport, our partner in this young talent initiative. 

Tournament director Sandra Reichel is pursuing a major goal with the "1,000 rackets for 1,000 girls" campaign: "My wish is for every girl in Austria to have the chance to hold a tennis racket in her hand at least once. Owning a tennis racket is the first hurdle to playing tennis. Through contacts with coaches, clubs and associations and other offers for training and taster sessions, we then create the necessary sustainability."

That was the 1,000 tennis rackets campaign 2023


All available places have already been allocated for this year!

"We are delighted that Austria's most important women's sporting event is now also launching the largest junior initiative for women's tennis in our country."

Markus Achleitner, State Councillor for Sport 


This campaign is kindly supported by Linz Airport.