Two Viennese women in the final: Mavie Österreicher wins the "Young Ladies Wildcard Challenge" for the second time

Linz, 30. 10. 2021 - Two Viennese women fought it out between themselves to win the "Young Ladies Wildcard Challenge" at the Froschberg Tennis Centre on Saturday! 19-year-old Mavie Österreicher, who had already triumphed at the premiere event in 2018, won the final against 15-year-old Tamara Kostic 6:1, 6:1. The now two-time Challenge winner thus secured a wildcard for qualifying for the WTA tournament "Upper Austria Ladies Linz 2021", which will take place from 6 to 12 November in the TipsArena. 


Tournament director Sandra Reichel and ÖTV sports coordinator Marion Maruska were very impressed by the standard of the final. Mavie Österreicher's victory was not as clear-cut as one would expect from the results. Despite a slight injury to her right hand, the very young Tamara Kostic, whose parents come from Serbia, presented herself as a player who can be expected to have a successful career: dynamic, quick on her feet, very focussed on tennis, which she already plays professionally. Her style of play is reminiscent of Simona Halep, whom she also regards as a great role model.

Since her triumph in 2018, Mavie Österreicher has matured both academically and as a player. She has made the most of the lockdown, successfully completed her A-levels and started studying law. The 19-year-old has a long ordeal behind her with two cruciate ligament ruptures, so her joy at winning the wildcard challenge again is all the greater. When asked about her role model, left-hander Mavie Österreicher spontaneously answers "Tsitsipas." And the female tennis stars? "Osaka, because I like her style of play." 

"The Young Ladies Wildcard Challenge is a very important event for us because we want to offer local talents a platform to present themselves at national and international level," said tournament director Sandra Reichel, who predicted a successful career for both finalists and wished them "all the best on your way".

Press office "Upper Austria Ladies Linz 2021"
Hans Adrowitzer
Inga Radel