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Inclusion is lived

Austria's top wheelchair tennis stars play a show match at the Design Center on Saturday, 11 February

Integrating wheelchair tennis into the Upper Austria Ladies Linz tournament programme - a long-cherished wish for tournament director Sandra Reichel, which she turned into reality in November 2021! The premiere was a great success with standing ovations from tennis fans, who can now look forward to a new edition: On Saturday, 11 February 2023, Austria's best players Christina Pesendorfer from Bad Ischl and Vanessa Jenewein from Innsbruck will once again show off their skills. They will play a show match in the Linz Design Centre at around 3.30 pm (after the 2nd singles semifinal and before the doubles semifinal), and a doubles match with WTA players is also planned - as in 2021. You can find video impressions of Inclusion Day 2021 here here on our YouTube channel.
"I really want to show tennis in all its diversity. It's no coincidence that our new Ladies in Business & Sports initiative also includes the topic of inclusion. This adds an important programme item to Austria's most important women's sporting event," says tournament director Sandra Reichel. Austria's best wheelchair tennis player Nico Langmann will also be a guest in Linz again; he will also be presenting his book ("How to give up a dream to win a life").
Before the wheelchair tennis match, there will be an inclusion talk for the press (probably at 1 pm). In addition to the players, the current member of the National Council and former pole vaulter Kira Grünberg, who is paraplegic after a training accident, will also take part. Volkshilfe will also be involved in the talk. "I am delighted that the Upper Austria Ladies in Linz is once again focussing on inclusion this year. Tennis is a great sport for people with and without disabilities to be active together. That's why I'm really looking forward to the inclusive match," explains Kira Grünberg.

"Disabled sport is more than a hobby or pastime"

"I think it's a huge and important step towards inclusion when people realise that wheelchair tennis is just as serious a sport as 'pedestrian tennis'. Unfortunately, many people only see disabled sport as a hobby or pastime, but the fact that we play at a professional level is often underestimated. This prejudice will hopefully be dispelled by the visibility and presence on this day. I'm delighted to be part of this fantastic tournament," says Christina Pesendorfer. And Vanessa Jenewein adds: "I was delighted to be invited to the Upper Austria Ladies Linz again. My aim is to raise awareness of wheelchair tennis and motivate athletes with disabilities to play tennis. I'm delighted that inclusion is being put into practice at this tournament and that we have this great opportunity to present women's wheelchair tennis on such a big stage. Thank you!"

Volkshilfe is an important companion for people with disabilities

Volkshilfe is a perfect partner for Upper Austria Ladies Linz when it comes to inclusion. Jasmine Chansri, Managing Director of Volkshilfe Oberösterreich, explains: "With the offers and services of our Volkshilfe lebensART GmbH, we support and accompany people with disabilities on their way to a self-determined life. All areas of daily life should be open to them without barriers, they should be a natural part of our society and simply belong. The Inclusion Day at the Upper Austria Ladies Linz is an important step towards the participation of people with disabilities and we at Volkshilfe are delighted to be able to help organise this day."

Advantage Ladies - a new, sustainable initiative

As already reported in detail, the Upper Austria Ladies Linz has been setting an exclamation mark for women's sport in Austria for decades! On the one hand, of course, this applies from a sporting perspective in terms of world-class women's tennis. On the other hand, a full-day symposium is now taking place for the first time, focussing on various aspects of the state of women's sport in Austria. Under the title "Advantage Ladies", Upper Austria Ladies Linz, Sport Austria and ÖTV are jointly inviting sports federations, sports organisations, media, sponsors and political representatives to a mega-exciting day dedicated to women's sport on Thursday, 10 February. The aim of the premiere event is to make women's sport more visible, position it more clearly and strengthen it overall. 

The list of speakers includes the following personalities: WTA President Micky Lawler, geneticist Markus Hengstschläger, ÖFB team manager Irene Fuhrmann, the President of the Austrian Paralympic Committee, Maria Rauch-Kallat, TV presenter, tournament ambassador and former world-class player Barbara Schett, "OÖN" editor-in-chief Susanne Dickstein, ORF presenter Alina Zellhofer plus several sportswomen from Austria.

As a sporting finale to the symposium, all participants can watch the quarter-final matches of the Upper Austria Ladies Linz. A ticket for this symposium at a price of 89 euros (incl. match ticket) can be purchased via the tournament's homepage can be purchased.

Special ticket offers for all age groups and families

In order to give all age groups the opportunity to experience the Upper Austria Ladies Linz live, we have put together special offers for children, schoolchildren and senior citizens. Children up to 5 years have free admission. A 10-euro ticket is available for schoolchildren up to the age of 14. From 15 to 26 years of age, all pupils and students receive a 20% discount. For senior citizens aged 65 and over, we offer a 25-euro ticket that can be booked from Monday to Thursday.