Nations Cup

"Wheelchair Nations Cup"

This will be a special highlight at the Upper Austria Ladies Linz 2024! Wheelchair tennis will be included in the programme of Austria's biggest women's tennis tournament for the third time. For the first time, however, there will be more than just a demonstration competition. Instead, a separate "Wheelchair Nations Cup" will be held on Saturday, 3 February, featuring the best wheelchair tennis players from Austria and Germany.

Led by the two team captains Odo Kada (Austria) and Niklas Höfken (Germany), the two teams will first compete in two singles matches. In the women's singles, the best Austrian wheelchair tennis player Christina Pesendorfer and the German national player Britta Wend will play against each other. In the men's singles, Austria's best wheelchair tennis player Nico Langmann and the German wheelchair tennis champion Anthony Dittmar will meet. Finally, a potentially decisive mixed doubles match will be played.

The "Wheelchair Nations Cup" will take place under the motto "The Revenge". In July 2023, the players competed against each other at the Hamburg European Open, which is also organised by tournament director Sandra Reichel and her team. Back then, Team Austria claimed victory in exciting matches. Now there is a new chance for both teams!

The matches will be played on the semi-final Saturday (3 February) on the Upper Austria Ladies Linz match courts. Come along and experience the fascination of wheelchair tennis! The inclusion event is once again being supported this year by Volkshilfe Oberösterreich. Among other things, Volkshilfe offers help and support for the elderly, children, people with disabilities, people without work opportunities and refugees.

"We are delighted that our lebensART GmbH is once again supporting and helping to organise the Inclusion Day at the Upper Austria Ladies Linz this year. After all, this day promotes the important participation of people with disabilities in social life, which our Volkshilfe colleagues work for day after day with great commitment and passion," says Jasmine Chansri, MBA, Managing Director of Volkshilfe.