5-10 February 2023



DAILY NEWS: During the tournament week we provide the spectators with the latest information about the tournament. The "Inside Out" will be published again this year as an online version: Insert QR code: www.ladieslinz.at.

LOST PROPERTY: You can hand in lost property at the Info Point in the entrance area.

ATM: The nearest ATM is located about 100 m away at Goethestrasse 80, 4020 Linz.

WHEEL CHAIRS: Located in front of the West Stand.

MEDICAL SERVICE: You will find the medical service on the east side of the hall.

TOILET: Located on the east side of the hall. There are also the toilets for wheelchair users.

ASSISTANT PARKING SPACES: There are six parking spaces in the underground garage (ground level access into the hall - please ring the bell at the signposted entrance) and a further five in the outdoor parking lot (access via the main west entrance). 

TAXISTAND: The nearest cab stand is in front of the Marriott Hotel (west side of the hall, near the main entrance).

COURT ORDERERS: We ask you to follow the instructions of the court orderers. Spectators are asked to take or leave their seats before the start or after the end of a set or when the players change sides.

CLEANLINESS: In the interest of keeping the tournament facility clean, we ask that you throw paper cups, drinking cups, etc. in the wastebaskets or trash cans provided.

SECURITY: Please take into account that it is forbidden to bring bags, suitcases and backpacks to the tournament site. Bags smaller than an A4 sheet (30x21x21cm) are excluded from the ban. Please also take into account that there may be a waiting time at the entrance due to bag checks. We thank you for your understanding.

SCHEDULE: The schedule for the next day is usually fixed from 9 p.m. the day before and can be accessed online. In principle, there may be changes to the schedule at short notice.

RE-ENTRY: If you leave the Design Center during the day and want to come back later, please remember to have your ticket with you.

FAILURE TO PLAY: MatchMaker Event GmbH will not provide any compensation in case of cancellation of the game or loss of the ticket. Likewise, MatchMaker Event GmbH assumes no liability for bodily injury or property damage.


  • Glass bottles (e.g. wine bottles, liquor bottles, drinking glasses)
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Drugs
  • Animals of any kind
    (Excluding trained companion animals with appropriate identification and
  • Bengal fire and other fireworks
  • Megaphones and vuvuzelas
  • Noisy objects such as compressed air trumpets, rattles, drums
  • Digital single-lens reflex cameras with interchangeable lenses (exception: persons with corresponding accreditation)
  • Laserpointer
  • Suitcases, bags, backpacks and opaque gym bags if larger than DIN A4
  • Liquids such as full tetra-packs (except up to 0.5l), full drinking bottles
    (except PET up to 0,5l), canisters, cans
  • Bulky items (e.g., cane umbrellas, walking sticks if not medically
    necessary, very large banners, tennis rackets)
  • Selfiesticks
  • Video devices
  • Gas spray cans
  • Flags larger than A2
  • means of transportation like scooters, skateboards

In the case of other objects, a ban can also be imposed in individual cases. (e.g. very large rivets on clothing or the like) Here is always to be judged with a sense of proportion.

Allowed are:

  • PET bottles up to 0,5l and Tetra Pack up to 0,5l
  • Belly bag, fanny pack, chest bag, handbags, backpacks in the dimensions of a
    DIN A4-Flyers
  • Liquid hygiene and health articles up to 100 ml (up to a maximum of 2 pieces per
    person) in suitable plastic containers
  • Cell phones also with recording function
  • Necessary medications (also syringes) with appropriate proof
  • Small umbrellas (so-called "pecks")


  • Failure to comply with these prohibitions may result in expulsion from the event site.
    The organizer is entitled to keep objects of the aforementioned type in temporary custody.
    und in Besitz zu nehmen. Zuwiderhandlungen können strafrechtlich verfolgt werden.