Eight talented youngsters battle it out to qualify for the "Upper Austria Ladies Linz 2021"

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The prelude to the WTA tournament "Upper Austria Ladies Linz 2021" (6 - 12 November) is the "Young Ladies Wildcard Challenge", which will take place from 28 to 30 October at the Froschberg Tennis Centre. Eight Austrian tennis talents (U 21) will once again compete for a coveted "free ticket" this year, which entitles the winner of the challenge to take part in the WTA tournament qualifiers. The finalist also has the chance to receive a wild card as a lucky loser.
"14 girls have registered, eight have managed to take part in the Wildcard Challenge 2021. The first six players qualified according to the international ranking (ITF/General Class): Veronika Bokor, Irina Dshandshgava, Ines Faltinger (all from Lower Austria), Stefanie Auer, and Daniela Glanzer from Upper Austria as well as Tamara Kostic from Vienna. The ÖTV has awarded a wild card to Mavie Österreicher, the winner of the premiere event in 2018, and the tournament organiser MatchMaker has awarded a wild card to Nina Walter from Upper Austria," explains tournament director Carla Maria Nareyka.
ÖTV sports coordinator Marion Maruska says in general: "For our young players, the Wildcard Challenge in Linz is a great opportunity not only to gain experience on the court at the highest international level, but also to experience the best players in the world up close, to learn from them and to learn something from them." Maruska has this to say about Mavie Österreicher in particular: "Mavie got the wildcard from the ÖTV because she was injured for almost two years and only started playing again in the summer. She has had great success since then and has already worked her way back up the rankings. Mavie reached the quarter-finals at the last 5,000-dollar tournament in Antalya and will appear for the first time in the next WTA rankings."

Sandra Reichel: "It's a matter close to my heart"

A brief look back at the beginnings of the "Young Ladies Wildcard Challenge:" In 2018, Mavie Österreicher, then a 16-year-old from Vienna, took advantage of this great opportunity, and finalist Nadja Ramskogler from Upper Austria also received a qualifying wildcard at the last moment. An unforgettable experience for the two talents! The successful premiere was continued in 2019, with Emily Meyer from Vorarlberg coming out on top! Veronika Bokor from Lower Austria won the high-level 2020 final against Arabella Koller from Salzburg 7:5, 6:1.
"I am delighted that we are able to organise the Young Ladies Wildcard Challenge again this year despite the ongoing turbulent times - in cooperation with the Austrian and Upper Austrian tennis associations. It is a matter close to my heart to offer our young players this platform. And the winner can then get a taste of the big tennis world at the Upper Austria Ladies Linz and gain valuable experience," says Sandra Reichel, Tournament Director of the "Upper Austria Ladies Linz".

NameFirst nameÖTVITF AKAssociationVintage
1BokorVroni51237Lower Austria - TC Bakl Weigelsdorf2000 - 21 years
2DshandshgavaIrina121416Lower Austria - Tennisclub Union Möling2002 - 19 years
3AuerStefanie271429Upper Austria - UTC Fischer Ried2002 - 19 years
4KosticTamara321588Vienna - Altmannsdorfer TC2006 - 15 years
5FaltingerInes411801Lower Austria - UTC BH Wr. Neustadt2003 - 18 years
6GlanzerDaniela561848Upper Austria - Kornspitz Team Upper Austria2003 -18 years
7/WCAustrianMavie9 Vienna - TWR Team Donaufeld2002 - 19 years
8/WCWalterNina26 Upper Austria - ATSV Steyr Tennis2003 - 18 years